The biggest online retailer in the Netherlands,, offers a wide range of products, from electronics to baby clothing. In 2011 it launched a marketplace that gives customers access to products from other retailers,
including second-hand goods, becoming both a platform and a retailer. serves more than 8 million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Transavia is a Dutch low-cost airline and a member of the Air France KLM group. The company was founded 1965 and has grown into one of the most well-known low-cost carriers in the Netherlands. The company has six home bases located across Europe and flies planes to over 100 destinations destinations, both within and outside of Europe. The ambitious airline continues to grow, in part due to a dedication to open innovation.

Challenge recognizes the increase the use of mobile devices and therefore the need for a native environment of the iOS app, including one of their most important parts of the site: the product detail pages. Precisely the data from these measurements are crucial for’s business management. It allows them to map insights from their customers and improve the user experience. They were looking for a partner with specific knowledge about app tag management to translate their business analytics requirements into technical solutions.

How to implement app
tag management to translate
business analytics requirements
into technical solutions?


Solution has been working with Adversitement since 2009 to implement new web and app measuring solutions. Now they gave Adversitement the opportunity to implement analytics for the app. With a fresh perspective we looked into’s measuring requirements and converted them into a tag plan. This tag plan prescribes which variables and clicks must be measured on the page to the app development team. In close collaboration with the IT team from bol. com, Adversitement made it possible to refine the tag plan so that the technical setup could seamlessly serve the analytical requirements. With this setup can A/B test the innovations they develop. A/B testing means that customers see different interfaces and their customer journey is measured in order to test whether option A or option B is better. This ensures an improved user experience and increased conversion.

Adversitement offers a good
solution to transform analytical
need into code

– Freek Hogervorst, Manager Marketing & Shopping Intelligence at


This setup forms a strong fundament for the development and release of the android version of the product detail page which is next on the agenda. Next to that we will continue to assist with the increasing demand for insights. This will lead to optimal customer experience and will give the opportunity to test their innovations and ensure that the data they collect is compliant, reliable and actionable.


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