Where homegrown
solutions thrive.

Where homegrown solutions thrive.


The Data Collection Framework is Adversitement’s solution for handling the ever-increasing number of tools and services that collect data. No more getting lost in marketing tools, slow page loading or unnecessary complex code. DCF offers a standardized way of processing data and the way the data layers are saved is clearly structured. It uses event-based data collection which allows for proper collection of data on websites or apps that have dynamic content. It allows you to decide when to capture data and specify which data is captured. Because it’s vendor neutral it works perfectly with any tag management system. DCF comes with clear instructions, tagplans and a browser plugin for visualisation of code and debugging if necessary.

Module Privacy
& Compliance.

The Privacy & Compliance module by Datastreams is built with the GDPR consent guidance in mind and based on the key requirements for asking consent in a GDPR compliant way. We strongly believe that by empowering online users in a respectful way, they will feel more engaged and will be more inclined to share their data with trusted organisations. The module has the flexibility to store consent choices in multiple places, which is not only essential for keeping records on consent choices, but also for reporting purposes, for instance on bounce and consent rates. Easy to implement, personalize and use.


Qmon is an always-on real-time monitoring tool that enables you to validate 100% of the data that is being sent to all your digital marketing and analytics platforms. Qmon works real-time and validates real behaviour. This means that Qmon validates data from all browsers and devices, works on your production and test environments, validates pages that are not part of pre-defined test scenarios, and validates real orders. Compared to other data quality monitoring solutions, Qmon is unique in its audience-based approach, going beyond the limitations of scenario and crawler testing that other solutions offer. 

Datastreams Platform.

The Datastreams Platform is the tool we use to simplify the process of connecting and streaming customer journey data from any digital source to one or multiple end points of any type. The Datastreams Platform quickly and easily fuels customer journey solutions with validated data, allowing organisations to make the best data-driven decisions, based on extensive insights. Built on Privacy-by Design principles, Datastreams lets you control your data across the globe and manage this throughout your organisation in a compliant way.


Implementing and maintaining digital analytics and marketing solutions on a website requires a multi- disciplinary team. And to make sure everyone is on the same page; clear communication is key. The Datahawk is an extension for the Google Chrome Browser that visualizes data collection as it occurs. When browsing websites, Datahawk shows exactly what events are captured including the data that is sent to the likes of Google and Adobe Analytics. Every event is in plain sight on all websites without hassle. Together with a proper measurement plan, Datahawk is the key to a trustworthy integration of a digital analytics solution on every website.


DimML is an intuitive declarative language designed to reduce development time to a minimum allowing data streams to be harnessed for the next stage of the business process simply and efficiently. With DimML, you can express and instruct what a program should accomplish, rather than describing how it should be accomplished. The genius is in its simplicity; making programming very intuitive. It’s deployed as a computational framework.

Partners & preferred suppliers

Partners & preferred suppliers

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